American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware



Every year many of our ABCOPAD churches do Vacation Bible School, often when their children's ministries take some degree of hiatus for the summer. Each year, I travel around our region to our churches during this time and see great backdrops, scenery, props and crafts, as well as teacher and participant books, all only to be used once. Well, wanting to help network our churches to all be better stewards, and wanting to see if we can get each other sharing our resources, in February, we will be launching an online presence and page. We will be asking churches to check out the page to see if their church and another congregation or maybe even two might be able to share what they're using, making the most of the resources and giving them more than one life. Once the page is up and running, you will be able to go online and provide your VBS dates, theme, and a contact person. It is exciting to think how these 'recycled' resources can be used to save money for churches but more importantly to save kids for Christ! -Jeff Johnson, ABCOPAD Regional Pastor with Congregations

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