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ABCOPAD Commission On Ministerial Leadership Downloadable Information

Commission On Ministerial Leadership
Downloadable Information

PowerPoint Information

Downloadable PowerPoint And Notes For COML Roll Out

COML PowerPoint Presentation
Ministry Recognition Document
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Dr. Stephen Ott, Executive Director of The Center For Career Development and Ministry

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Licensure, Certification and Ordination Forms and Documents

Downloadable Forms
2009 Credential Policies
 COM (Form Guide)
COM-1  Information on Recognition of Licensure and Ordination
COM-A1 Application Form - Recognition of Licensure

COM-A2 Application Form - Recognition of Ordination

COM-CL1 Checklist- Licensure Candidate
COM-CL2 Checklist- Licensure Church
COM-CL3 Checklist- Licensure Association
COM-CL4 Checklist-  Ordination Candidate
COM-CL5 Checklist-  Ordination Church
COM-CL6 Checklist-  Ordination Association
COM-CL7  Checklist - Previous Ordination Candidate

COM-CL8   Steps to Become a Certified Lay Minister in ABCOPAD

COM-CL9  Checklist - CLM Candidate

COM-CL10   Checklist - CLM Church

COM-CL11 Checklist - CLM Association
COM-M1 Mentor Standards
COM-M2 Mentor Responsibilities
COM-PR Personal Reference Form

COM-R1  Licensing Church Report

COM-R2 Examining Association Report
COM-R3 Ordaining Church Report

COM-R4  Certifying Church Report [Provisional Certification]

COM-R5   Certifying Church Report [Permanent Certification]

COM-S1 Sample Call for Ordination Examining Council

COM-S2   Sample Call for a Certification Examining Council

COM-S3 Sample of a Council Order of Business
COM-S4 Sample of a Service of Licensure or Ordination

COM-S5 Sample of Licensure or Ordination Vows


COML Assessing Areas Of Competency And Ministry Plan
Non Standard Ordination


ABCOPAD COML Ministry Recognition Brochure


Additional Downloadable Forms & Documents

Code Of Ethics 2004

Revised Policies 2009

ABCOPAD Clergy Misconduct Review Process

Association Credentials Committee

Association Credentials Council

Mentor Standards

Mentor Responsibilities