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Grant Funds Available


The ABCOPAD Regional Board has decided that due to poor market performance, we will not be able to offer grants through Release God’s Power and the Ministries of Christian Discipleship Fund in 2016.

If that were to change as we enter the first quarter of 2016, be assured that we will let you know as soon as we can. 


 Annual ABCOPAD Grant Cycle Deadlines:  March 15th and October 15th.

ABCOPAD offers two grant cycle opportunities every year.  The first grant cycle deadline is March 15th.  Grants submitted by March 15th will be reviewed and brought before the ABCOPAD Regional Board during their spring board meeting (normally taking place in May)  The second grant cycle deadline is October 15th.  Grants submitted by October 15th will be reviewed and brought before the ABCOPAD Regional Board during their fall board meeting. (normally taking place in December)


It’s time for the 2015 Fall/Winter Grant Cycle.

The deadline for grant requests to be submitted to one of the Regional Pastors is October 15, 2015. Forms and guidelines are available via the links near the bottom of this web page.

Please be aware that the guidelines for each of the three funds, require that a church currently supports the Partners in Ministry offering as well as having submitted their Annual Church Report for 2014, this year.

 All funds currently have money available for distribution.  Release God’s Power and Ministries of Christian Discipleship grant requests should be limited to $3,000. Approved grants will be disbursed in December, following approval by the ABCOPAD Board. 

October 15, 2015 – DEADLINE for Fall/Winter grant requests to be submitted to Regional Pastors.  As I was thinking about it being time for our grant cycle to begin again, the verses in Ecclesiastes about Time, immediately popped into my mind.  The one about a time to Plant and a time to Harvest is very appropriate when we think about grants and why they exist.  Planting often includes seeds of some kind and that is exactly what the grants are meant to do.  They provide the funds for the seeds for new ministry or an expanded field of ministry that congregations and pastors dream of when they are envisioning how they might reach out to their community and touch people with the hands of Christ.  The Harvest happens when we begin new relationships, see lives changed by the impact of the ministry and transformed attitudes about what our church needs to be as it seeks to serve.  Contact one of the Regional Pastors with your questions.  

Downloadable Forms
Form instructions.
The Grant Forms are in the new Adobe
Acrobat Format. You can fill them out,
print them and mail them
to our Eastern or Western Regional Offices or email them to a Regional Staff member (email addresses available on the Regional Staff Page).
The forms only work if you limit your answers
to the space provided. If you need more space
use the space provided and then email or snail mail
additional information to your Regional Eastern or Western Office.

Ministries Of Christian Discipleship
(MCD) Grant Form pdf file

Ministries Of Christian Discipleship
MCD Grant Form MS Word file

Release God's Power (RGP) Grant Form pdf file

Release God's Power (RGP) Grant Form MS Word file

Legacy Grant Form pdf file

Legacy Grant Form MS Word file

MCD & RGP Guidelines
Legacy Grant Guidelines
Additional Legacy Grant Guidelines

Legacy Grants 
Grant Money Available

Short video clip of Regional Executuve Pastor,
Rev. Frank Frischkorn explaining Legacy Grants

ABCOPAD Legacy Grants
High Res. (18 Meg)

ABCOPAD Legacy Grants
Low Res. (2 Meg)

    The Mission Allocation Committee along with the ABCOPAD Board of Directors is pleased to announce the availability of the Legacy Grant Funds.

          At the end of their congregational life several churches, in 2008 / 2009 chose to invest in regional ministry by leaving their assets to be used as grant funding.  Their dream for ABCOPAD churches and organizations, meshed with the regional vision of supporting ministry in the following three areas: to build up and strengthen healthy congregations and lay leadership; to build up and encourage pastoral leadership; and to build up and strengthen relationships with the wider ABC family.  That is the rationale behind the Legancy Grant Fund.  Get in touch with your Area Minister if you have questions about how to apply.



  ABCOPAD churches and their related ministry organizations are blessed to have grant funds available in 2011 from three different sources.  The Release God’s Power, Ministries of Christian Discipleship and the Legacy Funds exist to provide funding for the implementation of new programs and ministries throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware.  The normal grant cycle occurs twice each year, prior to the Spring and the Fall ABCOPAD Board meetings. 

Applications and guidelines for each fund are available through any of the Regional Pastors.  Deadlines for each cycle will be posted and all applications should be returned to a Regional Pastor for the inclusion of their recommendation portion of the grant submission. 

 If you need a copy of the application or guidelines, please contact a member of our Regional Staff.