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Grant Funds Available


Grant Funds Are Available for 2018

Do you ever find yourself at the store, staring at the place where you usually find and grab a favorite product? There’s something in that same place, but the writing looks different and the colors are all wrong. Is that the same size or does the package look bigger or smaller? Usually after you’ve examined it carefully, you find that yes, it is the same product that you’ve come to love or count on. Someone has decided that new packaging will make the product more attractive or catch the attention of a shopper passing by.

We’re re-packaging our grant process. We want the description (package) to fit the actual time frame. The two grant funds haven’t changed, they are still Release God’s Power (RGP) and Ministries of Christian Discipleship (MCD). In the past we have called it our Spring and Fall grant cycles. We have refined the process for making these grants over the years since we first started making them in 1995. The deadline is announced for that cycle, grants are submitted to one of the Regional Pastors who add their recommendations. The grant applications and recommendations are forwarded to the Treasurer and compiled into each of the two grant categories with a cover sheet. The Regional Pastors and the Chairperson of the Mission Allocation Committee participate in a conference call to go over the submissions. The grant requests are made available to the Mission Allocation Committee and they participate in a conference call. The approved recommendations of the Committee are then presented to the ABCOPAD Board at their next meeting for their approval, as stipulated in the guidelines.

The ABCOPAD Board meetings are scheduled twice a year in early May and mid-December. Checks do not go out for the approved grants until late May or early June and late December or early January. If you’re looking ahead at starting a new ministry or for funding for an on-going outreach and hoping to submit a grant and receive funding, please plan accordingly for when the checks will be disbursed. 

The grant purposes are available on the ABCOPAD website along with the applications. If you have additional questions, please contact one of the Regional Pastors or the Treasurer at 1-800- 932-9442 or

The deadline for applications to be submitted to a Regional Pastor is Tuesday, April 3rd. The Mission Allocation Committee will present their recommendations to the ABCOPAD Board at their May meeting and recipients will receive their grant checks by early June.

Downloadable Forms
Form instructions. 

The Grant Forms are in the new Adobe Acrobat Format.
You can fill them out, print them, and mail them to a Regional Pastor


Release Gods Power Fund Purposes.docx 

Release God's Power Fund (RGP)
Grant Application Form    pdf file

Release God's Power Fund (RGP)
Grant Application Form    MS Word file


Ministries of Christian Discipleship Fund Purposes.docx 

Ministries Of Christian Discipleship Fund (MCD)
Grant Application Form    pdf file

Ministries Of Christian Discipleship Fund (MCD)
Grant Application Form    MS Word file

The applications for each of these grant funds are available on this website. These applications are fill-in forms and ALL applications MUST be typed. Each application must be submitted to a Regional Pastor for their recommendation. Applications are not to be submitted to the ABCOPAD administrative offices; they must go through the Regional Pastor in that corridor or the Regional Pastor most closely related to the ministry request.