American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Sabbatical Grant Opportunities

The Louisville Institute is pleased to continue their annual competition for sabbatical grants for pastoral leaders. They recently awarded 48 grants to applicants from a pool numbering nearly 400, and they anticipate a strong set of applicants again for this year's competition, which closes on September 1.

Details of their grant application process and eligibility requirements are available on their website,

By way of summary here are some core program facts:



  • Applicants must be regularly employed in a recognized religious leadership position. Applicants may be ordained or lay, and may or may not have a formal theological degree. Eligible positions include pastors and other parish ministers, chaplains, faith-based community agency leaders, and church judicatory officials.
  • Awardees will ordinarily have been in their current place of ministry at least five years, and will plan on staying in their current place for at least a year beyond their sabbatical. They will be at least five years away from retirement. Exceptions are possible, especially in church polities built on an itinerancy model. 
  • Awards are made for either eight- or twelve-week sabbaticals. Sabbaticals are taken in a continuous single period. Applicants choose whether to apply for an eight-week sabbatical, with a $10,000 award, or for a twelve-week sabbatical, which bears a $15,000 award. The size of award request has no bearing on the chances of receiving an award.
  • Applications are due no later than September 1.   Award announcements will be made by December 1, and sabbaticals must be taken between March 1 (year awarded),  and August 31 (following year).
  • For study grants, rules are somewhat different; please see their website for that program's eligibility and project guidelines.
  • Full program information and application materials are available at their website,