American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Honduras - July 6-14, 2018

Azacualpa is located about a two-hour drive south west of San Pedro Sula, near the Guatemala border. The climate in the summer will be hot.  

In 2003, Ministries of Faith began as an orphanage, which currently houses a small number of children, ages 10–18. They attend public school, share in the chores around the grounds, and participate in the life of the ministry. 

A multi-purpose building, which was finished in January 2008, is used for worship and fellowship, cafeteria space for the people who live on and travel to the site, a soup kitchen for the popular children’s feeding program, and a school auditorium.

The main school building, which doubles as Sunday school classrooms, was completed in 2012.It holds an office, six classrooms, and girls' and boys’ bathrooms. Soccer fields, a playground, a pavilion for shade, and chicken coops round out the property.

In addition to the main work project, you will participate in all aspects of the ministry during this mission trip: playing with children, participating in the feeding program, and preforming skits at school and Sunday School.

My House Project

In 2013, the ministry began a community outreach program called “My House Project.” The idea came from different mission teams that visited Ministries of Faith. The premise is to build a small house for a widow or a poor family at no cost to them. Funds are raised by the teams that want to work on the project. In February 2015, the first house was finished and given to an older lady and her granddaughter. This past July 2017, a house was rehabilitated for a single woman with a significant physical disability. Through these actions, we are saying to the community of Azacualpa, “we love you and God loves you, too.”  Through actions, as well as words, show your love, care, and respect for others, especially the less fortunate.

Questions? Call Cindy Falk 607-643-8284 or email

Ministries of Faith is led by Dilia Zelaya, a missionary with the First Baptist Church of Marshalltown, Iowa, and American Baptist International Ministries.  

Included in the $850 price: Lodging, food, and transportation in Honduras, Project Costs 

Not Included: Airfare and Expenses to secure your passport and immunizations

Experienced leader
Life-changing experience
The opportunity to build cross-cultural relationships