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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief


Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Mission Trip

Future Trips to be announce soon. 

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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief
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Many have been asking about opportunities to serve following Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  While plans for Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief are still taking shape, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has requested our national AB Men's Disaster Relief Teams serve in Lake Charles, LA.

Lake Charles is about 150 miles northeast of Houston, TX and was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.  Our national AB Men's Disaster Relief Coordinator, Jack Cobb, has already been hard at work preparing for teams in the Lake Charles community.  Plans are underway to have one or two of our ABCOPAD Disaster Relief Trailers on site to provide tools and other resources for teams seeking to do hurricane disaster relief.  Groups will be staying at the Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church (Hope Complex), 1401 Moeling Street; Lake Charles, LA, 70601. Bedding will be provided: cots and blankets, with shower on site.

Lake Charles, LA, is about 1500 miles from ABCOPAD and Map Quest estimates a 21 hour drive.  Flights to Houston, TX, or New Orleans, LA, are relatively inexpensive. Currently the plan is to fly teams to Houston or New Orleans, rent a van, and then drive to Lake Charles (about a 2.5 - 3 hour drive).


Mark Mahserjian-Smith will be leading the first team to Lake Charles from September 25 - October 3.  Hopefully, a 6-member team will accompany him on this initial trip to make sure everything is in place for future teams as well as begin the clean-up effort.  The cost per person for this trip and future teams is approximately $600.00.  This covers transportation, housing, food and some supplies.  

If you are interested in being a member of the initial team, please contact Mark Mahserjian-Smith or Denise Veselicky.  Complete the registration form and send it to us along with a payment of $600.00 (checks made payable to ABCOPAD or make an on-line payment.)  

You can also contact us if you are interested in leading or participating in a future trip.  Currently Jack Cobb is planning to be in the Lake Charles community through the end of the year.

Denise Veselicky
c/o First Baptist Church
159 N. Bellefield Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone (888) 687-0883
Fax (412) 687-3941

Mark Mahserjian-Smith
Phone: 570-435-2001

While there will be plenty of places in need of assistance, the ABC has been asked by FEMA to work specifically in Lake Charles, LA.  Other Disaster Relief agencies registered with FEMA are being deployed to communities in need of help.  As in the case of the earthquake in Haiti where we focused our relief efforts in a single community and made a substantial impact, my hope is we can focus, at this point on the Lake Charles community and not only help with disaster relief but build relationships that will allow us to share both Christ love and the Gospel.


As opportunities to serve in Florida are created, we will prepare to send teams.  At this point, everything is in place to serve at Lake Charles, LA, --- so that is where we will begin!

If you would like to help support our Hurricane Disaster Relief teams, you can donate to the ABCOPAD Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund. Donations can be made online HERE.

Please note: This is different than the national One Great Hour of Sharing Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund. Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund.

You must select ABCOPAD Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund to specify that your contribution is to remain in ABCOPAD to help support our Regional Volunteer Teams. Otherwise the funds will be directed to the national disaster relief effort.

If you have questions please feel free to get in touch with Mark Mahserjian-Smith or Denise Veselicky.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and willingness to serve.  All of us on the ABCOPAD Staff look forward to serving with you as the Hands and Feet of Jesus, caring for those in need.  Thank You for your Partnership in Ministry and God bless!