American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Introduction to WMS Reports

World Mission Support

Truly as a Region we are blessed with generous and caring churches.

Our mission as American Baptists is to testify to the wonderful gift that God has given us in Christ. From the ministry that you provide in your local congregation, to the counsel and support of an Area Minister here in our home region, as well as the compassionate ministry of our other missionaries around this nation and world, the cause of Christ goes forth through American Baptist Mission.


From time to time, church leaders find it helpful to review reports summarizing the giving record of ones church family. In past years, ABCOPAD would send these reports periodically through the U.S. mail to the pastors and churches of our Region. In an effort to make these reports readily available and in a more cost-effective way, you can now download the United Missions Giving Reports at your convenience from our web site.


On behalf of every part of our ABCUSA family, thank you for your faithful support of our joint mission for Christ.  May His Name be praised as together we faithfully pursue His Call!