American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

Nehemiah Leadership Network

Equipping Pastors to Lead Positive Change
A Ministry of American Baptist Churches USA Partners

NLN offers a uniquely powerful three-year experience that helps pastors deepen their self-understanding, develop new and potent skills for leading human systems, increase emotional intelligence, and find healthly life-balance.

How can our churches move and adapt to a rapidly-changing world?

There is no shortage of books, theories, and techniques that claim to provide the answer. But no matter what program or technique is used, if a church is going to move to new and renewed vibrancy there is one consistently necessary factor — the ability of the pastor to function as a "change leader."


Since 2002 the Nehemiah leadership Network has been committed to equipping the best pastors to be more effective change leaders.

Since 2005 NLN has graduated over 100 pastors, many of whom credit the NLN experience for enriching and empowering their pastoral ministry.

• 3 components to the 3-year NLN experience: Individualized learning plan, mentored colleague groups, annual conference learning event.

• Being a pastor can be a lonely experience. Colleague groups provide a powerful collegial experience of mutual support and trust.

• A Covenantal Partnership between pastors, congregations, regions, the American Baptist Home Mission Societies and MMBB.

• NLN graduates earn continuing education credits, and are certified by the Office of the General Secretary ABCUSA as having achieved a mark of pastoral excellence.

How a Pastor Gets Involved

Although many pastors, with varieties of backgrounds and experiences, are in the Nehemiah Leadership Network, participation is not automatic. Pastors must be nominated by their regional Executive Minister (of a NLN participating region) and go through an application and selection process.

Additionally, the pastor's church must officially approve the participation, sign a congregational covenant, and agree to an annual financial commitment of $400.

Institutional Partners

American Baptist Home Mission Societies
Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board
Office of the General Secretary
Center for Career Development and Ministry

Participating Regions

American Baptist Churches of Connecticut
American Baptist Churches of New Jersey
American Baptist Churches of New York State
American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware
American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island
American Baptist Churches of Vermont and New Hampshire
District of Columbia Baptist Convention
Rochester Genesee Region, American Baptist Churches USA
The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts
The Philadelphia Baptist Association

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