American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware

One Great Hour Of Sharing 2017


It is a common, perhaps daily, experience for many of us, as we live in our technology driven age: a pin drops on a GPS map, marking a current location or indicating a destination, orienting us in space. These map pins represent where we are and where we hope to go.

The scriptures for the special offering this year provide a similar point of reference, an orientation for our lives — God is near; love one another in truth and action; feed those who are hungry, clothe those who are naked, welcome those who are strangers. These texts help us position ourselves in relation to God and to one another by reminding us of our call to be here for one another, loving one another as God has loved us. Our destination, where our map pin sits, is near to the heart of God, is alongside our neighbors who are suffering.

This year our offering theme is “You are here.”

By this simple statement, we glorify God’s faithful presence, affirm that Christ is uniquely present in those whom we serve, and celebrate how you are here for your neighbors in their times of need. One Great Hour of Sharing is present for people near and far in moments of crisis and calm because of your partnership and generosity. We have been present, so you also have been present.

You are here — in Nicaragua, where women are given the training and tools to cultivate home gardens to provide nutritious food for their families.

You are here — in West Virginia, where communities rebuild after flooding claims lives and livelihoods.

You are here — in Lebanon, Hungary, Mexico, the United States, and elsewhere around the world, where refugees are receiving food, water, and medicine with dignity, as our partners offer aid and accompaniment.

Often we receive notes from those who have experienced disasters, expressing thanks because “One Great Hour of Sharing was here.” In times of loss or struggle, after a fire or flood, and when communities struggle to overcome the chronic absence of water, food, or economic opportunity, the church is present through the work of One Great Hour of Sharing. Through your gifts, you are here.

The complete OGHS website and resources is available HERE.