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The Revolutionary Power of the Lord's Prayer


Many Christians know the popular Scripture known as the Lord’s Prayer. But do we realize the true power of this deceptively simple yet significant model for prayer? In The Revolutionary Power of the Lord’s Prayer, Alice Burnette Greene offers today’s Christian disciples new understanding of the potency and impact this prayer delivers and the transformative effect it can have for sharing God’s love in the world.

Debora Jackson, Director of Lifelong Learning at Yale Divinity School, notes, “Alice Greene has crystalized a central question for us as followers of Jesus Christ: how best do we do that which Jesus teaches us to do?” She adds, “The answer is found in the beautiful simplicity of the model prayer. The Lord, indeed, has taught us how to pray and this book teaches us how to apply that prayer to our lives.”

The Revolutionary Power of the Lord’s Prayer explores the lesser known version of the prayer found in Luke’s Gospel in order to help readers deepen their faith and commitment to follow Christ in a way that influences and affects the world, and learn to live as if: 

• You really mean what you are praying
• You expect what you are praying for to happen
• Your prayers have power in the name of Jesus
• You can make a difference 

“This book is unique in presentation, original in interpretation, and richly revealing of the author’s personal prayer life,” states J. Alfred. Smith Sr., Professor Emeritus of American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley, CA. He continues, “Her easy and clear style of writing makes reading her book both enjoyable and inspiring.”

Through examples of modern-day responses to social and justice issues, personal deepening exercises, and guided group discussions, you will discover how the Lord’s Prayer empowers us to become revolutionary forces in the world today, and encourages each to “go and do likewise.”

ALICE BURNETTE GREENE writes with experience, spiritual insight, and a passion for empowering God’s people to become change agents in the world. Pastor Greene has served churches in the Washington, DC, and Chicago areas. She is also author of Angels All Around (2010) and the blog, Moving Mountains: The Hope of Faith in Action, at